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Self Help Acquisition Rehabilitation Program or SHARP

This program is for clients interested in purchasing and rehabilitating a home in Columbia, Clatsop or Tillamook County. Potential Homeowners who are income and credit qualified, will work with CAT and USDA to buy an existing home and rehabilitate to health and safety measures as funding allows. Potential to earn instant equity using "sweat equity".

Who Qualifies?

Individuals and families who cannot afford to own modest houses by customary methods. They must have good credit and have an ability to repay the loan. The income requirements depend on the size of the household. If qualified, USDA Rural Developoment provides the money for the purchase (land, the home, construction materials and subcontracting).

You don't need a down payment!

You don't have to make monthly house payments while housing rehabilitation is going on. However, at the time of the purchase, you may have to provide a minimal amount of out-of-pocket fund for inspections prior to closing.

The applicant is required to contribute thirty hours per week assisting in the construction.

Based on the number of members of your household, is your inocme less than the values below?
# in home Columbia County Clatsop County Tillamook County
1 $41,150 $31,750 $31,000
2 $47,050 $36,300 $35,400
3 $52,900 $40,8000 $39,850
4 $58,800 $45,350 $44,250
5 $63,500 $49,000 $47,800
6 $68,200 $52,600 $51,350
7 $72,900 $56,250 $54,850
8 $77,600 $59,850 $58,400

Information Packet - To be Printed

Release of Information

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