Founded in 1966, Community Action Team is committed to:

  • Reducing the extent and negative effects of poverty
  • Increase family self-reliance
  • Improving community facilities and affordable housing stock

In order to effectively serve a large three county area, CAT established separate anti-poverty agencies in Clatsop and Tillamook counties. Clatsop Community Action was established in 1989 to serve Clatsop County and Community Action Resource Enterprises was established in 1991 to serve Tillamook County. Today CAT partners with these non-profit organizations to address the causes and conditions of poverty in our Northwest Oregon.

Community Action programs trace their roots to the Johnson Administration’s War on Poverty. Like similar Community Action agencies across the country, CAT’s Board of Directors is community based. One-third comes from the business sector, one-third from the government sector, and a third are low-income residents of the community. This Board structure provides a diverse perspective on our activities and the needs of our communities.

Community Action Team (CAT):
The First 50 Years Serving Columbia County

Leading up to the celebration of CAT’s 50th Anniversary, a series of articles was published to highlight the many programs and services the agency provides.

These articles are Columbia County-centric because every program is available to residents of Columbia County. Some programs are also available in Clatsop and Tillamook Counties. In the near future we will tailor the articles to feature partners in those communities.

Part 1: The First 50 Years Serving Columbia County
CAT’s rich history and Veterans Services

Part 2: Helping Seniors Keep their Independence and Health
Oregon Project Independence, Caregiver Respite Services, and Preventative Health Classes

Part 3: Making Columbia County Homes Safer and Healthier
Lend a Hand, Healthy Homes, Weatherization, and Home Rehabilitation

Part 4: Home Sweat Equity Leads to Real Equity
SHARP – Self-Help Acquisition Rehabilitation Program

Part 5: Strengthening Stability in Columbia County
Energy/Utility Assistance and Affordable Housing

Part 6: Houselessness Comes to Columbia County

Part 7: Financial Resources for Homeowners
Mortgage Payment Assistance and Foreclosure Prevention

Part 8: Families with New Babies get Support
Healthy Start, Head Start, and Parent Education and Support

Our Vision

Vibrant communities with hope and opportunity where basic needs are met.

Our Mission

Community Action Team connects people with resources needed to become self-sufficient.