Community Action Team’s Early Childhood Education Program 20th Annual Early Learning Fair, ELF! April 28, 2022

Early Learning Fair  (ELF!) Connects Families during a Challenging Time to be a Parent


Raising kids in a pandemic has been incredibly challenging for parents and kids alike.  That is why this year’s Early Learning Fair, ELF!, was so important to have, and to have in person!

Our children’s first five years foreshadows the rest of their lives.  It is as tender and wonderful a time as it is challenging.  For parents, finding and connecting to every resource and support available can help us to better love, grow, raise, and support our kids.  It’s a challenging job at the best of times.

Hands and Hearts drumming provided loud, engaging, FUN for kids and parents alike!

The 20th Annual ELF, organized by Community Action Team’s Early Childhood Education program, created a celebratory and inviting environment for over 100 families to connect, learn, and play.  Kids danced and drummed to live music from Hands and Hearts Drumming, walked away with oodles of fun and stimulating swag, and got to build with the biggest blocks they’d ever seen.  Parent connected with 15 organizations that provide a full range of resources to parents and children.