Columbia County Warming Center

Columbia County Warming Center is in need of volunteers in order to open this year.  Six (6) volunteers are needed to operate each night the Warming Center is open.  We are seeking individuals who are able to commit themselves to at least two (2) four (4) hour shifts per month.

If you are interested please attend one (1) of the upcoming orientations listed below or contact Heather Johnson by phone at (503)369-4889 or by email at

When you are ready to sign up for a shift – go to our page

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Would you like to be a volunteer, but can’t attend one of these sessions? Please contact us  and we will be in touch.

Additional information can be found on our Facebook Page

Older Adult Volunteers

Volunteer work can be extremely rewarding on a number of levels. While there are a variety of groups and places you can choose to share your time, many people turn to volunteering with seniors because of how much seniors appreciate it. Volunteers are the heart of our program! Whether you deliver meals to homebound seniors as a Meals on Wheels driver, serve meals at one of our Senior Centers, offer participants a cheerful smile as a friendly visitor or provide a reassuring phone call. To learn more about volunteer opportunities call Juliann Davis at (503)366-6584 or email

Head Start Volunteers

Head Start offers volunteers an opportunity to provide children with a positive role model by reading to children, sharing a skill or assisting teachers in the classroom. To learn more about volunteer opportunities call (503)556-3736