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Pets Assisting the Wellbeing of Seniors

To a homebound senior a pet is often the only friend or family they have.

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Imagine having to choose whether you or your one friend will eat today. For many of the seniors who receive Meals on Wheels, this is a very real choice they face every day. If seniors are giving part or all of their meal to their pet, they are not getting the proper nutrition they need—and neither is their pet. The need for or expense of food, veterinary care, grooming or help in taking care of their pet may lead a senior to consider giving up their pet and their dedication to their pet may cause a senior to neglect their own nutritional or medical needs.

In 2019, Community Action Team, Inc. was awarded a grant through the 2019 Meals on Wheels Loves Pets “Starting a New Pet Program” initiative and created PAWS, Pets Assisting the Well-being of Seniors. The mission of PAWS is to provide needed support to eligible seniors to allow them to keep their pet without sacrificing the well-being of either themselves or the pet. By providing access to food, vaccinations, spay/neuter services and other care needs we can help to keep seniors and their pets together!

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PAWS – Pets Assisting the Well-Being of Seniors
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A partnership between Meals on Wheels and Community Action Team